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I create timeless and unique pieces of jewellery, art and keepsakes. Find out a little bit more about The Angel Creative and the story behind it.

About me

Hi I am Sue and I create timeless and unique pieces of jewellery, art and keepsakes which are designed to be a Celebration of Life and our journey through it; from birth through to death and everything in between.

I know from personal experience the sadness and trauma we can experience with the loss of a loved one or pet and have owned my own beautiful ring containing a small amount of my Dads ashes for the last 10 years. I feel blessed and reassured to have had my Dad ‘come’ to special occasions, to be with me on days that I felt I needed him close and sometimes just to do the weekly shop.

I treat each commission as I would have wanted his ashes handled and each order is treated with the utmost care and respect. It is an honour and privileged to be able to create this closeness and joy for others.


The range spans DNA jewellery and keepsakes using preserved breastmilk to honour the act of breastfeeding and commemorative memorial pieces to remember and honour loved ones lost, through to an equally unique, ready to buy range to celebrate a special day or moment in time for yourself or a loved one or friend.

From the moment you choose a bespoke, made to order item, I ensure that you understand the process and are comfortable with the timeline. Your inclusions are treated with the utmost care and respect to create your unique piece which matches your design, size and colour selections. The result is something personal, beautiful, and totally unique.

Each piece is custom made to order in the UK and lovingly created by hand and is supplied with full care instructions and a Certificate of Authenticity, giving you reassurance that your chosen piece contains only your inclusion and allow you to have a completely unique and bespoke memento.

Thank you for visiting The Angel Creative store, our range of customised and ready to buy items is regularly expanding. Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our work or to discuss and ideas for customisation.

Creating your bespoke piece

Step One

Upon ordering you will be sent an email confirming the details of your order.

Step Two

You will receive a free order pack with instructions on how to safely send your ashes, hair, or fur. All that is required for the creative process is a teaspoon of ashes or a lock of hair/fur. Included with the order pack you will be sent a sample colour of the colour you selected as well as a ring sizer so you can confirm your ring size.

Step Three

Once we receive your package, you will receive a confirmation email and an indication of completion time (between 1-2weeks).

Step Four

Before the piece is finalised or set you will be sent photos for approval.

Step Five

A certificate of authenticity, care instructions, and any unused ashes/hair/fur will accompany your custom piece.

Step Six

Your finalised celebration piece is cleaned, polished, and then gift wrapped ready to be delivered with a package tracking that requires a signature upon delivery.

some of Our Happy Clients!

“So much attention to detail, I love this pendant and it was tailor made for me. I received everything I wanted and more. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a ‘forever’ keepsake. Amazing job done!”
Chantel, nuMONDAY Review (07/10/20)

“I had a bead made for my Mum’s Pandora bracelet that included some fur from her Yorkie that she loved dearly and misses so much. Sue went to great trouble to ensure the colour of the bead was right. It is absolutely lovely.”

Kaye, Etsy Review (13/08/20)

“Pictures don’t do these beautiful pieces justice, I love my necklace, and will keep it close to me always. Great customer service, communication and quick delivery. I’m deciding on my next piece already.”

Katie, Etsy Review (29/07/20)
“So happy with my piece it’s so beautifully made! I Wanted a little keepsake to remind me as the years pass of all the hard work and nurture I’ve put in to raising my beautiful babies and theangelcreative created this simply elegant piece for me. I will treasure it forever. Thank you”
Danielle, Etsy Review (16/10/20)
“Just want to say a massive thank you to Sue, for making a beautiful bauble for our daughter Rosie who we lost to an incredibly rare chromosomal abnormality in May. Sue was so thoughtful in sending us a card too, and the bauble was beautifully packaged. It’s a beautiful way to remember a loved one.”
Rebecca, Facebook Review (05/11/20)

“The finished product was amazing, from start to finish I found the whole process of ordering to receiving the cufflinks a lot easier than I imagined as there was so much detail to attention not just around the product ordered but the emotional side too. I would definitely recommend these cufflinks as they were beyond expectation.”

Chantel P, nuMONDAY Review (07/10/20)

“I ordered 2 of these and they were absolutely fantastic. Really really pleased with them. Brilliant communication and fast delivery. Couldn’t fault this at all. Many thanks”

Mike, Etsy Review (13/08/20)

“Sue you have been incredible throughout this transaction and I am grateful for your creation, thank you so much”

Nicole, nuMONDAY Review (4/11/20)

“Oh my goodness I 100% recommend The Angel Creative Company! I knew I wanted a keepsake necklace from my breast feeding journey, and Sue led me through the process from choosing a piece to explaining how to send my expressed milk. Sue sent me ideas when I was indecisive and also bespoke ideas when i also decided to purchase another necklace and bracelet as well (trust me it is difficult to decide as they are all so beautiful!). The quality is just stunning and customer service second to none. Sue really does care that the piece is perfect for you. Thank you so much xxx”

Cat, Facebook Review (04/11/20)

Frequently Asked Questions

An inclusion is your personal item of cremation ashes, lock of hair, fur, or breastmilk. It is the ‘inclusion’ which makes your piece unique and special to you.
Depending on your order size, it generally takes 2-4 weeks after we receive your inclusion, to create your unique piece. Once you have placed your order you will be advised of the creation time and all media is regularly updated to reflect current process times. However, if would like a rush service for a certain date/event then please contact me prior to ordering and I will do my best to accommodate you.
Shortly after you have placed your order you will receive a package in the mail. Depending on the inclusion you have selected, the package will include either a small screwed top pot and a mini wooden spoon for cremation ashes, a mini grip seal pouch for hair/fur or a breast milk storage bag. Together with an order form, instruction card, colour sample, ring sizer if applicable and a stamp addressed envelope.

You are sent a pack upon order which allows you to safely package your inclusion to me and no cost to you. If you require your order expedited, please email me so we can discuss timings. I may ask that you to send the inclusion without the pack and I will advise you on the best way to package and send things safely.
Amount of inclusion needed to create your bespoke item;

◦ Cremation ashes: Half a teaspoon.

◦ Hair or fur: I ask that you send a few strands of hair/fur that are equal to a toothpick in width.

◦ Breastmilk: 5 millilitres of fresh or frozen milk.

If you are sending cremation ashes or hair/fur, please do not send everything that you have. As our loved ones remains are precious and even though the post is tracked and guaranteed, post can still go missing. Please contact me if you have less than the required amounts and I will let you know if it is possible to make what you want.

You are sent confirmation of receipt on the day your inclusion arrives in the studio.

Any remaining creamation or hair/fur inclusions are returned to you with your order. Preserved breastmilk is kept in the studio for 12, months to allow you to have a future piece created at a reduced price.

No. I understand why you may think this as you are sending the breast milk in liquid form. However, I add a preservative to the breastmilk and then gently heat it at the required temperature to form a paste. The paste is then dried and then gently crushed 3-4 times to take the liquid breastmilk into a preserved and usable powder which is used to make your jewellery setting.
I offer over 50 styles and colour variations and there are multiple variations of the same ‘colour’: one person’s purple is another person’s lilac. You are sent examples of your chosen colour in your inclusion pack to ensure the piece you receive meets your expectations. If you would like to change the colour prior to sending your inclusion, please contact me by email to discuss details.
I provide free UK shipping and offer shipping globally for the appropriate charge. All items are sent with tracking and require a signature upon receipt.
If you order a ring you will be sent a ringer sizer in your inclusion pack. I recommend that you do not take your ring size on a particularly hot or cold day or during a time when your fingers will naturally swell as this will affect the size and may result in a ring which may be uncomfortable or not fit.

Yes. Cremation ashes or breastmilk and hair/fur can be included in the same item, or if you wish, two separate ashes can be combined into one piece. An extra charge of £15 per item is applied to this service.

An engraving service is available offsite for an additional charge. Your item is engraved before the inclusion is set to ensure a chain of custody and your inclusion having the least amount of handling by different people and locations.
Yes, discounts are offered for multiple pieces from the same inclusion when purchased at the same time.
Each inclusion pack sent is clearly marked with the name and order number on the containers. In addition, your order number and surname is added to the return envelope for extra piece of mind. Once received in the studio, your inclusion is stored safely in a secure, marked container. Only one order is created at a time and the studio working area is thoroughly cleaned in-between each order to ensure there is no cross contamination.
A full refund (minus postage for your inclusion pack and return of your items) will be issued if I have not begun creating your customized piece. If your setting has been made but not yet set into the jewellery at the time of cancellation, then a 50% refund will be issued. If your piece has been fully set and made, no refund will be issued.
Returns are not accepted on made to order memorial or breastmilk items. A photograph is supplied to you at each stage of the process to make sure that you are satisfied before its finalized. If in the unlikely event your piece is faulty please contact me immediately. Full care instructions are provided with your piece which informs you of the best way to preserve it.

If you're looking for further customisation, please get in touch!