The Angel Creative Co


I create timeless and unique pieces of jewellery and keepsakes which are a celebration of life and our journey through it; from birth through to death and everything in between.

Your cremation ashes inclusion is carefully set in our highest quality resin and can be left ‘naked’ or toned with a choice of 30 different colours and styles to match every taste.

These pieces celebrate the wonderful (and sometimes tough!) act of nursing and providing sustenance and nurturing in those important early months and years.

Commemorate the life of a loved one or pet. Your hair/animal fur inclusion is carefully shaped and set in our highest quality resin to create a truly unique piece.

Designed to make special remembrance pieces available to those who do not have access to, or do not wish to have an item made with cremation ashes/hair inclusions. These products are handmade in the UK but do not contain any inclusions.

Christmas is traditionally an occasion when we spend time with loved ones and friends and can feel extra tough with a spare seat at the table. Our Christmas collection is designed so you can have a little piece of your loved one over the festive period.

Weddings are a time of celebration and new beginnings which is meant to be shared with those we love. The absence of a passed family member can bring a sad undertone to what should be a joyous occasion.


Your loved one’s inclusions will be treated with the utmost care and respect to create your unique piece which matches your design, size and colour selections.


All pieces are custom made to order in the UK and allow you to have a bespoke memento to commemorate and honour the life of your loved one.


Perfect for everyday wear or reserve for a special occasion, which allows you to safely and discreetly carry your loved one with you, always.

If you're looking for further customisation, please get in touch!